Drone-Busting Eagles

While governments and law enforcement find themselves continuing to deal with the potential dangers of drones, the solution appears as if it could be much simpler as well as more archaic than initially imagined.

The Dutch police authorities have now joined forces with Guards From Above, a consulting firm in The Hague who now specialize in the training of birds of prey for private security use. This is being done to help give protection to our skies from rogue drone users. With a bit of practice, these eagles now recognize the drones as their prey. They are being trained to disable drones with their talons and then return to a safe place.

So far, this project is only a trial, with the police trying to assess whether they want to continue a full fleet of drone-busting eagles.

In recent times, drones are becoming more affordable as well as more accessible.  This is now heightening fears that criminal groups could utilize drones. Additionally, the Japanese police force has most recently announced they will also deploy a battalion of anti-drone police officers targeted at disabling drones.

Going forward, drones are going to be used more and more, so it will certainly increase the amount of incidents involving drones.  Even the best insurance agency cooper city and the best insurance agency Houston think this is a good idea as these parts of the U.S. have also been involved with the police departments employing similar ideas.

A security firm declares that this technique they have used is not going to be harmful to the birds and is not any more dangerous than the minimal scraps they acquire when they are involved with prey in the wild.

Their feet are quite heavily scaled to protect them from sharp bites, scratches as well as slashes. Even so, the organization is now working with the Dutch Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to seriously assess whether these drone propellers can have a dangerous impact on the bird’s talons.

We utilize these bird’s natural hunting instincts to intercept drone activity. We do this with safety and accuracy in mind.

Since the animal instinct of a bird of prey is quite unique, they are able to overpower quick-moving prey. Sometimes this solution to a modern problem such as this is much more obvious than you might think.