Baby Rescued From Locked Vehicle

According to Yahoo! Parenting, it was seemingly a very hot July afternoon when John and Caroline Penny went shopping with their 1-year-old granddaughter, Iris and then they accidentally locked her inside of their hot car.

The Pennys then called the authorities, yet the baby was beyond their accessibility, and as a result, she was way beyond their assistance.

The police did all that they could, yet their only real option was to smash the back window to get access. Still, there wasn’t  anyone who was small enough to crawl inside and retrieve their keys or the baby.

GIF from “The Dark Knight Returns.”

And it was right about then that Batman arrived, like a beacon in the night. Or at least a 5-year-old boy dressed as him.

It was on that morning that Zavi made a decision to dress up as Batman for the day. 

Was it fate or possibly some greater power that had inspired Zavi to wear the mantle of the Dark Knight on that day of all days and for his mom to bring him with her to go to the store at such a perfect time?

The little-caped crusader did risk his life as he attempted to crawl through the jagged and broken glass.

Luckily, Zavi happened to be the only one around who was small enough to make a way through the vehicle’s rear window. He was then able to get the keys and save the baby locked inside.

GIF from “Batman.”

It really should be known that it was Zavi’s brother, Nadeen, who was actually dressed as Superman, stood there and really did nothing during his brother’s remarkable show of bravery.

GIF from “The All-New Super Friends Hour.”

His brother is only two years old.

With the innocent baby now returned to safety and justice served, the Dark Knight walked into the store with his mother.

“We assume that Bat-Zavi and Super-Nadeen returned to the Hall of Justice where they spent the afternoon gorging on candy bars, although our sources can neither confirm nor deny this development,” stated local Albuquerque auto insurance agent, Chris Anderson who was an onlooker who was standing out of his local insurance agency.