Useful and Effective Facts About Car 

A car or automobile is the wheeled motor vehicle which is mostly used for transportation and the cars are fully covered body, added many features to have a luxuries feel, passenger safety and comfort higher than the other vehicles. One of the main benefits of using car is that mobility, convenience, independence, on demand transportation and so on. Buying new car is offering unique experience because it is one of the biggest purchases that you will make. In a present world most of the cars are having awesome features so that you can get excellent travelling experience.

Wonderful Features of Latest Car


Automakers are frequently adding excellent tech features to cars which can offer extra convenient and safety. Excellent features are available in new and higher end cars which includes

  • Vehicle to vehicle communication
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wifi and LTE connectivity
  • Android and Apple Carplay connectivity
  • Wireless charging capabilities
  • Blind spot awareness
  • Digital instrument panel

Vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle communication is type of the communication technology which allows to cars talk to other vehicles and surrounding infrastructure such as traffic light. As everyone knows cars become autonomous so it can communicate with other cars on road in order to operate safely. This kind of the technology is really useful to human driver and communication might relay about climate conditions, traffic and other kinds of critical information about road. Bluetooth connectivity is most famous in newer vehicles and it is not only allows you to play your desire music from your phone at your car but also it can enable all kinds of fancy new features. For example Volvo intended to use the bluetooth connectivity to open your door with smartphone. You can identify your care with smartphone via bluetooth which is sufficient to unlock your car. Majority of the automakers are starting to provide LTE 4g and wifi connectivity at their vehicle. Basically this feature turns your car into the hotspot which allows to you for connecting certain kinds of devices to network which means passenger can effortlessly stream video, audio and surf web without worry about battery of your smartphone. Luckily nowadays car makers are making their vehicle compatible with the android auto and Apple Carplay so you can access huge varieties of supported apps via your car infotainment center. Voice control is major feature which connected world so that you can do plenty of things such as make phone calls and send texts by pushing down the button.

Key Characteristics of High End Car


Back up camera is one of the excellent innovations when it comes to the automobiles. Once you shift to the reverse, automatically screen show you what is behind you so you might not hit anyone. A blind spot awareness feature will monitor area behind and alongside vehicle. If it detects another vehicle in blind spot area then it might display warning in glass of side mirror. Electrified car is gaining more popularity because it has fantastic technology. Digital instrument panel might be used to show tachometer and speedometer.

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